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Before you start, make sure everyone is safe!

We want to always make your safety our top priority. The first thing we want you to do is to be sure you and your family are safe and no one is in danger of injury. Don’t enter your home unless you’re sure it’s safe and that usually will depend on a first responder giving you that clearance. There could be hidden dangers inside that could lead to tragedy like exposed electrical wires or a natural gas leak. If you have any doubt about the physical or environmental safety of your home, do not enter.

Once you have secured the safety of your family, contact us immediately. We’ll send emergency services to your home. Your property may be uninhabitable for now and if you added temporary living expense to your flood policy, you can be reimbursed for your temporary housing and meal expenses.

Report your claim

Call: 833-544-6033

Send an email: [email protected]

Or contact the agent who wrote your policy and they can submit the claim on your behalf.

You can speed up the process. You’ll probably be the first to see the damage of your property. Here’s what you can do:

  • Take photos and videos of any damage
  • Separate and protect any undamaged property
  • Create a detailed list of all damaged and destroyed items

Be sure to keep a file of important information related to your claim, including:

  • Your claim number
  • Your claim adjuster’s name and contact information
  • Photos/videos of damage
  • Receipts, repair bills or estimates
  • Detailed list of damaged or lost property
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